BARCELONA : Urban Planning concept with 'human' oriented​

Some of us must have fantasized about walking one morning to work or school while riding a bicycle or just walking with people without being distracted by noisy horns, splashing water from a private vehicle, or a blast of black smoke from the muffler, haven’t we?

But in the modern era today, people prefer private vehicles for their mobilization. It’s not because of there are no desires of walking or because private cars are more promising regarding security and comfort. However, in the present street and public space as if functioned for the iron wheel. If it is so, isn’t the construction of roads and other facilities intended for human convenience? Or is it just a proof of care has now moved on to the iron wheel?

In response to the phenomenon, Barcelona has great ambitions through the concept of its “superblock”. The traffic is a significant problem facing Barcelona. According to research, air pollution causes 3,500 premature deaths per year in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. 61% of the population is living in the environment with high noise. By 2015, there are 9,095 road accidents. And finally, the city has only 6.6 square meters of green space per resident.

The city has come up with a new mobility plan to reduce traffic by 21% and free up nearly 60% of roads to be diverted into public spaces. The revolutionary design, engineered by the Ildefons Cerdà at the end of the nineteenth century, mostly had the idea that the city should indeed be human-oriented. The superblock is equipped with 300km of bicycle lanes as well as the public transport network especially buses that reach every corner of the city.  Anyone will live less than 300 meters from the bus stop with a 5 minute wait time.

In Example, a superb 400 x 400 superblock will be home to about 6,000 people. Here, the superblock will consist of nine ad grid blocks and will free up about 160 intersections. Traffic cars, scooters, trucks, and buses will then be restricted and can only ride to the roads in the superblock border. The superblock is like a small town that has complete facilities in it.

With this kind of concept, for sure the delusions we’ve dreamed about since a long time ago are not the only fantasies in the film or governmental advertising, is it?

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