Civil Engineering National Summit Universitas Indonesia (CENS UI) is the biggest and the most innovative annual event held by students of the Department of Civil Engineering Universitas Indonesia. CENS UI gathers academics, policy-makers, and professionals from civil engineering sector to discuss and exchange ideas to come up with a solution for highlighted infrastructure development problem in Indonesia. Proudly, CENS UI is coming back this year for the 16th time.

“Saya amat berterima kasih kepada CENS UI. Resilient City merupakan konsep yang akan menjadi perhatian untuk pembangunan di Jakarta ke depannya”​
Sandiaga Uno
Vice Governor of Jakarta, Keynote Speaker of The 15th CENS UI


Call For Innovation (CFI) is a scientific paper competition about Creating resilient and sustainable city with Compact City and all its aspects


National Tender Competition (NTC) is a competition to create the best project about designing vertical housing to support the creation of compact city on a specific region.

Get to know more about resilient and sustainable city to support the creation of compact city

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